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UKCHO is an umbrella organization for hypnotherapy practitioners in the United Kingdom. It is the aim of UKCHO to promote the professional regulation of hypnotherapy within the United Kingdom. The aim of such regulation is to set standards of ethics and training which ensure that all hypnotherapy practitioners are safe and competent to practice, thus fulfilling the primary criterion of professional regulation - protecting the public. UKCHO has done this by establishing a code of conduct, ethics and practice, setting national occupational standards and a common curriculum for hypnotherapy training, and establishing this National Register of Hypnotherapists.


A Unified Register
“With a unified Register of Members, patients and members of the public would then have a single, reliable point of reference for standards, and would be protected against the risk of poorly-trained practitioners and have redress for poor service”. (House of Lords Select Committee on Science and Technology Report on CAM’).

Check your Hypnotherapist is UKCHO Registered

You may wish to confirm through this National Register of Hypnotherapists that your Hypnotherapist is registered by the UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations (UKCHO). 'Registered by UKCHO', or UKCHO Registered’, means that the Hypnotherapist has followed, and successfully completed, a high quality course in hypnotherapy to national occupational standards, and is bound by a professional code of conduct, ethics and practice.

Please note, 1st December 2010 marks the beginning of voluntary self regulation for Hypnotherapists with the opening of the CNHC Register for Hypnotherapy. From this date, UKCHO therapists can begin registration with CNHC. The UKCHO Register will remain in place for a short period to allow this transition to be carried out, and will then be replaced by a link to the CNHC Register.

The UKCHO Register has now been is now closed. Hypnotherapists from this register may now been found on the CNHC Register for Hypnotherapy.