Who or what is UKCHO?
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Who or what is UKCHO?

‘UKCHO’, the UK Confederation of Hypnotherapy Organisations, was founded to bring together Professional Hypnotherapy Registering Organisations and create a standard approach to governance and training across the sector. We have been working together for nearly 25 years now and in this time, we have devised a uniform Code of Ethics, which all organisations adhere to, so that all practitioners know what was expected of them. It was also decided that we should share the same complaint’s procedures, so we could ensure fair treatment of therapists and consumers alike across our organisations.

The biggest challenge was to develop a uniform training standard, we wanted to protect the public from poorly trained therapists and set the kite mark of excellence for anyone who belonged to a member organisation. It took some years to establish that training criteria, this was completed in 2011 and so now there are National Occupational Standards for Hypnotherapy with set training hours. With this agreed criteria in place The Complementary and Natural Health Care Council became the regulator for the hypnotherapy profession, hypnotherapy constitutes the largest contributor to their voluntary register.

With these achievements behind us we now want to look to the future, having established a unified voice for hypnotherapy, we now want to use that voice to raise the profile of our therapy, to dispel the myths and promote research to support our claims regarding the efficacy of this powerful medium. We will be using social media, blogs and mainstream media to let people know what can be achieved with hypnotherapy, but also how to find a properly qualified therapist, this is important to protect the reputation of our members, our therapy, and not have it damaged through negative experiences with poor practitioners who have not met our training standards.

UKCHO is the professional unified voice for hypnotherapy in the UK, an umbrella organisation that holds together the key professional hypnotherapy organisations, together we can make ourselves heard and achieve change.

To find out more or to find a therapist or trainer from a professional association go to www.ukcho.co.uk

Zetta Thomelin